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GeoVision specialises in collecting, analysing and managing geospatial information, with over 30 years of experience in Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East. Clients include BP, Shell, Thames Water, Saudi Aramco, British Gas and the Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO).

GeoVision is a sole-practice organisation run by Paul Shaw. Please read his CV for further details. He can be contacted here or by mobile +44(0)7715419530. Examples of 2 articles published in international magazines can be viewed at the links below.

What is a Land Surveyor? and Pipeline Mapping in Egypt

For personal opinion on global matters click here

GeoVision has a special linterest in Malawi. It is often overlooked as a holiday destination. With mountains, fast flowing rivers, lush vegetation, fantastic wildlife and the friendliest people on the planet, its definitely worth a visit. View the following 2 links to get a flavour.

Image Gallery of Malawi and Wildlife pictures of Malawi

GeoVision is collaborating with Glasgow University and the Malawi Minsitry of Irrigation and Water Development to develop a feasibility study for irrigation and safe drinking water through water containment in the highland areas of Malawi.

GeoVision is currently developing the WEB presence for the Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD). Read the latest issue of INSPIRE, the NAYD monthly magazine.

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