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Female Nyalas, Lengwe NP Yawning Baboon Buffalo, Lengwe NP
Crocodile, Shire river WESM logo

Photographs provided by the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi. (WESM)

WESM's vision is for all people in Malawi to exist in harmony with wildlife and the environment.

WESM's objectives are to conserve and increase the population and ranges of wildlife including the restoration of sites of local, national and international importance in Malaw and to integrate wildlife and natural resource management for the mutual benefit of the eople and wildlife in Malawi.

For more information about the society and for copies of the images please contact Paul Taylor on, mob +00 265(0)1669249.

African Elephants, Liwonde NP Hamerkop
African Fish Eagle


Wart Hogs Zebras
Baboons Female Kudus Agama Lizard
Brownthroated Weaverbird
Charaxes Butterfly
Cattle Egrets, Lake Malawi


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